Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Gujarat Extends Deadline To Implement New Fines For Traffic Violations

Gujarat police constable


After reducing the fines for violation of traffic rules, the Gujarat government has decided to implement the new Motor Vehicle (MV) Act 2019 from October 15.

The government said the new rules for Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificates and helmets would be enforced from October 15 in order to give adequate time to the public.

State Transport Minister R. C. Faldu told mediapersons that the government would open 900 new PUC centres to help people. “We have received representations from public regarding some issues before the new rules are enforced. We have decided to give some time before the stringent rules are implemented,” he said.

As per the government’s notification, driving without wearing helmet and seatbelt will attract 500 as compared to 1,000 proposed by the Union government.

Three passengers riding a two-wheeler will have to shell out 100, as opposed to 1,000. Similarly, the State will impose lesser fines on penalties such as driving without licence and insurance documents, riding a polluting vehicle, driving under the influence of alcohol, not giving way to emergency vehicles, among others.

In a partial relief to people, the Gujarat government on Wednesday said the new penalties for traffic offences related to helmet and pollution-under-control (PUC) certificates would come into force from October 15.
The reduced penalties for traffic offences in Gujarat came into force on Monday after the state BJP government announced dilution of the recently-amended Motor Vehicles (MV) Act that has a provision of hefty fines.

Under the amended MV Act, the fine for driving a two-wheeler without helmet is Rs 1,000; the proposed fine in Gujarat for the same is Rs 500, up from Rs 100 which is charged at present.

The fine proposed by the Gujarat state for not carrying a PUC certificate is Rs 500, which is the same as under the new MV Act.

At present, police charge Rs 100 for not carrying the document.

The state Cabinet on Wednesday decided that the fine for both these violations would remain Rs 100 till October 15.


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