Tuesday, 10 September 2019

CBSE Class 10 Board Exam 2020: Two separate examinations for mathematics, check details

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CBSE syllabus for all main subjects of Class 10 is available here. Take a thorough view of the syllabus to understand the course structure and various learning objectives prescribed by the board for the new academic session 2019-2020.

Links to download the CBSE syllabus for all important subjects of class 10 are provided below. Since, CBSE has made some alterations in the old syllabus of class 10, students are advised to go through the latest syllabus only.

CBSE syllabus is structured in a way to help students get a clear understanding of the course structure and its objectives. With CBSE syllabus, students get to know the chapters and concepts to be covered in all subjects. Board also provides the provision of knowing the question paper design for the annual examination so that students are able to work in the right direction to perform well in the exams. Thus, CBSE syllabus for class 10 students is a perfect tool to plan their study schedule methodically.

syllabus to get an idea of the course structure.
Before starting with a new chapter or unit, list down all the topics prescribed in the syllabus for that unit so that you don’t waste your time in learning the irrelevant or unnecessary topics.
Having a clear understanding about the syllabus and weightage allotted to different units in it, will be quite helpful for students to decide how much time needs to be devoted to different topics



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